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Which Spider-Man costume is best?

Spider-Man is a popular character year-round and especially at Halloween. There are costumes for kids and adults that recreate the iconic Spider-Man look from the original comics, the recent Marvel movies or kid-friendly cartoon series. If you want an officially licensed costume with built-in muscles, consider the Party City Classic Spider-Man Muscle Halloween Costume, which comes in toddler sizes.

What to know before you buy a Spider-Man costume


Costumes are available for kids and adults. Baby sizes come in month-to-month sizing, while toddlers have a T after their size from 2T to 6T. Kids and adults often follow the familiar small, medium and large sizes. Some use a recommended height for sizing. However, keep in mind some brands run small or large. If they provide a sizing chart, take your measurements and match the best size for you.


Spider-Man costumes aren’t limited to Peter Parker. Other characters from the Spider-Man franchise are just as fun. These include Spin/Miles Morales, Ghost Spider/Gwen Stacy and all of the Spider-Man villains. Incorporating other characters is a great way to create a group or family costume. You can also dress as multiple versions of Spider-Man, just like in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Pieces included

Consider if you need a full Spidey suit or just individual parts. If you already have a Spider-Man T-shirt or jacket, adding pants is a budget-friendly way to make it into a costume. For younger kids, consider skipping the headpiece so they can see and are easy to recognize during your Halloween outings. Gloves and foot covers come with some costumes, while others require a separate purchase.

What to look for in a quality Spider-Man costume


The best Spider-Man costumes are well-made and can hold up to multiple wears. Look for consistent stitching that is not frayed or torn. The fabric should be free of snags, especially if it is stretchy. Snags can quickly become tears during parties and trick-or-treating. When cleaning, follow the care instructions to maintain the best quality.


Not all Spider-Man costumes are officially licensed by Marvel. Unofficial Spider-Man costumes often use similar colors and designs. They can be less expensive and easier to find. Officially licensed costumes are often more expensive but look just like the character as he appears in the movies and comics.

Clear care instructions

Few costumes can be washed in a washing machine, so don’t be deterred by one that is hand washed only. This helps preserve the elasticity of the fabric and keeps the design from fading or rubbing off. You’ll need to reshape costumes with built-in muscles before drying. Look for a Spider-Man costume with care instructions that are easy to understand and follow.


Find a costume with accessories, such as gloves or hand covers, if you want the most authentic look. Foot covers are also popular, although you will need to wear shoes over them if you are going outdoors. Some costumes include a full face mask, while others, often those for younger kids, only cover half the face or have a face mask available separately.

How much you can expect to spend on a Spider-Man costume

Depending on the size, quality of the material and level of detail, Spider-Man costumes cost $25-$50.

Spider-Man costume FAQ

Can I get a costume like the one from the movies?

A. Look for an officially licensed Spider-Man costume for the most authentic version. While it won’t be exactly the same as the movie costume, which has to hold up to months of filming and extreme stunts, it uses the same colors and designs.

Are there different versions of Spider-Man costumes?

A. Some costumes feature designs seen in specific storylines, such as the black Symbiote Suit seen in the “Amazing Spider-Man” comic #252 and the “Spider-Man 3” movie. The traditional blue and red Spider-Man suit is the most popular.

What’s the best Spider-Man costume to buy?

Top Spider-Man costume

Best Party City Classic Spider-Man Muscle Halloween Costume

Party City Classic Spider-Man Muscle Halloween Costume

What you need to know: This toddler costume is comfortable and perfect for younger Spidey fans.

What you’ll love: The costume is officially licensed and uses the familiar red and blue design in a stretchy polyester. The back hook and loop closure keep it in place even through jumping and running. The face mask has large eye holes and is open at the mouth so your toddler can breathe and see easily. It also includes built-in muscles for an authentic superhero look.

What you should consider: Use the sizing guide and your child’s height since it only goes through size 4T.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Spider-Man costume for the money

Best Gtebity Superhero Kids Bodysuit Costumes

Gtebity Superhero Kids Bodysuit Costumes

What you need to know: There are multiple Spider-Man styles and Spin and Ghost Spider options.

What you’ll love: It features a tight polyester-spandex jumpsuit and full face mask for a realistic Spider-Man look. The design is printed on the costume and can be washed at home by hand. Sizes fit most kids ages 3 to 12, depending on height.

What you should consider: This costume doesn’t use traditional sizing, so you must take measurements to find the right fit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Cember Superhero Bodysuit Costume

Cemder Superhero Bodysuit Costume

What you need to know: The polyester/spandex blend is stretchy enough to let you strike your best Spider-Man pose without worrying about ripping or damaging the costume.

What you’ll love: This costume comes in kid and adult sizes.. It includes a full face mask and a one-piece jumpsuit that covers the hands and feet. Sizing is based on height, and a range is given for each size.

What you should consider: This costume fits snugly but sizing up might mean it is too long or needs to be adjusted.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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