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Which dinosaur egg toy is best?

Dinosaurs have been an all-time favorite toy for children for many decades. Today, dinosaur toys continue to be a big part of pop culture and even educational toys for children. They give young ones the opportunity to learn about Earth’s history as well as study these exciting extinct creatures. 

The best toy is the Excavating Dinosaur Egg Toy which lets you carefully break down a jumbo-sized egg and discover a dozen different hidden miniature dinosaur figures inside. 

What to know before you buy a dinosaur egg toy

Popular dinosaurs

Many people have their favorite dinosaurs. The ones that they find most interesting, or perhaps most scary. The one dino that’s stood the test of time and remained the most popular is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This massive carnivore is very deadly thanks to its sharp claws and dangerous bite. Triceratops is another popular dinosaur due to its unique horns and skull roof. There’s also the Stegosaurus which has a set of plates running down its back and tail and the Velociraptor, a fast-moving, albeit very dangerous creature itself. Before buying a dinosaur toy for someone, see which dinosaur they find the most interesting so you can make sure to buy one representing the right creature.

STEM toys

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This set of learning areas are fundamental to a child’s growth. Dinosaur egg toys are great examples of STEM toys. STEM toys work to give kids the chance to find something they are passionate about. They’re great for a child’s creativity as well as their basic understanding of education is increased. The toys include many different varieties such as basic electronic robots, telescopes, building sets and puzzles. STEM toys can also come in the form of dinosaur egg toys which help teach children about history, science and biology. 

Paleontologist tools

If your child is interested in dinosaurs, they may also want to explore what it’s like to be a real-life paleontologist. These professionals study the history of dinosaurs and explore the fossils they’ve left behind. They use a field kit that often includes chisels, rock hammers or mallets and brushes that are used to clear debris and break open potential fossils. These tools often come with dinosaur egg toys so children can get an idea of what it’s like to excavate real fossils.

What to look for in a quality dinosaur egg toy

Breakable toys

A dinosaur egg toy wouldn’t be near as fun if you could simply pull open the top and see the dinosaur sitting inside. To make them more entertaining, and more educational, many toymakers have made toys that are meant to be broken. They often have plaster eggs which can be carefully cracked open and broken down to see what’s inside. Usually, you’ll have to soak them in water to soften the exterior before you start to dig. Once the egg softens you can use the included paleontologist tools to dig for the figures inside. 

Fact cards

Because dinosaur egg toys are often centered around education, they also feature a lot of information that can add to the fun. Fact cards are one way that high-quality toys can include educational material. This way the child knows exactly what they are looking for as they excavate the egg and begin to dig into the plaster. These fact cards show images of the dinosaur and include a set of facts or an informational story about the animal. 

‘Jurassic Park’

“Jurassic Park” helped put dinosaurs back in the public eye. While the book was published first in 1990, the film was released three years later in 1993. It was incredibly popular for children and adults and helped spark another trend of dinosaur education. Some toymakers have partnered with “Jurassic Park” to create STEM toys that help kids learn more about the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Toomies, for example, have taken some of the deadly dinos from “Jurassic Park” and turned them into adorable cartoon animals that teach basic skills like puzzle solving and color matching. 

How much you can expect to spend on dinosaur egg toy

Dinosaur egg toys cost between $15-20.

Dinosaur egg toy FAQ

Do dinosaur egg toys come with instruction guides?

A. Yes, most dinosaur egg toys do come with instructions guides that will walk you through the process of opening the egg. The guide is essential for making sure you follow the right steps to make the experience both fun and educational. 

What age groups will enjoy playing with dinosaur egg toys?

A. Most toy makers give a recommendation for age groups that will benefit from their toy. For dinosaur egg toys the recommended age groups are from 12 months old up to 6 years old. 

What’s the best dinosaur egg toy to buy?

Top dinosaur egg toy

Excavating Dinosaur Egg Toy

Excavating Dinosaur Egg Toy

What you need to know: This unique toy blends both exciting excavating play and educational learning.

What you’ll love: This 7-inch jumbo dino egg holds all sorts of surprises including 12 miniature dinosaurs inside its shell. You’ll feel like a real-life paleontologist with this innovative toy that asks you to carefully break open the shell and excavate the material to discover the small colorful dinosaur figures within. There are a chisel, brush, mallet and dino fact cards in this package.

What you should consider: This toy will be best suited for someone who is interested in paleontology. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dinosaur egg toy for the money

Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Kit

Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Kit

What you need to know: This authentic STEM learning toy set includes 12 different dinosaur eggs that can be dug out to reveal a surprise. 

What you’ll love: Excavate a dozen eggs with a unique dinosaur inside each one. There are also 12 chisel/brush combinations for every egg so you don’t have to worry about breaking one. Along with the eggs, there are an equal number of dinosaur learning cards with fun facts about the animal. 

What you should consider: You have to soak each egg in water before you can excavate it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

"Jurassic Park" Spin and Hatch Eggs

“Jurassic Park” Spin and Hatch Eggs

What you need to know: This fun interactive toy is ideal for very young children who need to learn basic development skills.

What you’ll love: “Jurassic Park” has partnered with Toomies to create a fun toy featuring five different dinosaur eggs with cute animals inside. The eggs sit inside a spinning incubator before hatching. You can also allow your children to use their skills to match the colors of the eggshells to the correct dinosaur. The front of the incubator features the iconic “Jurassic Park” logo. 

What you should consider: This toy is best for children around 1-3 years old. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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