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Which bumper car for kids is best?

If bumper cars are your child’s favorite carnival or boardwalk ride, consider bringing the fun home with you. A small, low-impact bumper car for kids provides spinning, driving and bumping fun all year long. Check out the Bumper Buddy Ride On Electric Bumper Car for a 360-degree bumper car with all the best special features.

What to know before you buy a bumper car for kids


Most bumper cars for kids are round with a plastic shell and two control knobs for turning. A few bumper cars are shaped like a standard ride-on car with a steering wheel. Both versions have wheels made from plastic, rubber or plastic with a rubber strip down the center. There’s a seat belt for safety and a rubber bumper strip around the base to absorb shock.

How it works

The car is electric and rechargeable with a charging cable included. Kids buckle into the car and use the control nobs or steering wheel to move around. The car can turn 360 degrees with a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour. Most cars are designed to accommodate indoor or outdoor use. They can be used on carpet but work best on hardwood or concrete. 

Age range

The typical age range for at-home bumper cars is 1.5 to 8 years old, but as with many ride-on toys, weight is the primary factor. The weight capacity is between 60 to 70 pounds per car and varies from brand to brand. Be sure to check it before you buy a bumper car. 

What to look for in a quality bumper car for kids


Some cars come with sticker sets so your child can personalize their own car. Stickers include fun images or letters so your child can put their name across the front or side of the car. If your household has multiple children and you intend to get multiple cars, stickers are a great way to help everyone tell the cars apart.


Some cars come with a remote. Parents can choose to control all movement with this remote or simply stand by to press stop in case of an emergency. The parental feature is great for younger kids who aren’t ready to handle the controls. All remote-controlled cars still have control nobs or a steering wheel for the child to use when you think they’re ready. 

Lights and music

A colorful LED strip around the bumper makes the car more colorful and easier to see at night. Bumper cars with sound features use built-in music or are Bluetooth compatible so your child can listen to their favorite playlist while they ride. These extras are especially useful in party or playdate settings where you want to make the experience more festive and more like that at a real amusement park.

Adjustable seat belt

An adjustable seat belt or harness is safe and practical. It keeps your child from falling out as the car spins and accommodates a growing child’s size so that the belt is never too snug or too loose. Adjustability is also a great feature if you have two children of different ages sharing the car because it can be changed to fit each one’s needs.

How much you can expect to spend on a bumper car for kids

A bumper car for kids usually costs around $160-$250, but a few models cost up to $300. A set of two cars can cost up to $350, which could save money if you intend to buy more than one car. 

Bumper car for kids FAQ

How long does the car take to charge?

A. A car usually takes eight to 12 hours to charge to provide 30 minutes to two hours of continuous use. The first time you charge the car, it might take longer than 12 hours.

Is the remote rechargeable?

A. While electric bumper cars are rechargeable, the remote that comes with them is not. Batteries are required, so check the box to see how many are needed. 

What’s the best bumper car for kids to buy?

Top bumper car for kids

Best Bumper Buddy Ride-On Electric Bumper Car

Bumper Buddy Ride-On Electric Bumper Car

What you need to know: Available in blue or pink, this rechargeable bumper car is designed for kids 1.5 to 8 years old and holds up to 45 pounds.

What you’ll love: It features a five-point harness and comes with a remote control. It has two speed settings, plays music and has blinking lights around the bottom and on the sides. It comes with stickers so your child can customize it. The maximum speed is 1.25 miles per hour.

What you should consider: The music is built in and not compatible with Bluetooth.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bumper car for kids for the money

Best Tobbi DIY Sticker Race Bumper Car

Tobbi DIY Sticker Race Bumper Car

What you need to know: Available in blue or pink, this rechargeable bumper car is made for kids 3 to 8 years old with a maximum weight capacity of 65 pounds.

What you’ll love: It’s durable and easy for kids to control. It works on all kinds of surfaces from carpet to concrete. There are LED lights around the base and it comes with stickers for personalization. It has a maximum speed of 1.86 miles per hour. 

What you should consider: It does not have any music capabilities. There is no remote control for adults.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Best Kidzone DIY Sticker Bumper Race Car

Kidzone DIY Sticker Bumper Race Car

What you need to know: Available in nine colors, this rechargeable bumper car is designed for kids 1.5 to 6 years old with a weight capacity of 66 pounds.

What you’ll love: It’s durable with an anti-flat tire and a remote control. It has flashing LED lights around the base. Stickers are included so kids can customize the car. 

What you should consider: It does not play music, and the maximum speed is less than 1 mile per hour. The battery drains easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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