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Which ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toys are best?

Kids and adults who enjoyed the first “Toy Story” film will always recall Pizza Planet, a space-themed family restaurant. It’s where Buzz and Andy first see the Squeeze Toy Aliens before being captured by Sid, the abusive toy owner. The scene not only stood out as one of the more dramatic plot twists in the film but also cemented icons in the film series, such as the Pizza Planet truck and the alien toys.

In our opinion, the best “Toy Story” Pizza Planet toy you can buy is the Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Minis Mania Playset. This set doubles as a holder for your “Toy Story” mini figures as well as a slot machine toy for pulling out a random toy, like a machine straight from Pizza Planet.  

What to know before you buy a ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy

About ‘Toy Story’

At this point, “Toy Story” needs no introduction. The film has inspired countless 3D-animated films, and kickstarted Pixar’s decades-long reputation for making heartwarming films for both adults and children. The series follows Woody, Buzz and a whole cast of other toys that come to life when their owners aren’t around. Each film explores the relationship between the toys and their owner, Andy, as they face major challenges like getting separated or Andy going to college. 

Welcome to Pizza Planet!

Pizza Planet is a space-themed restaurant designed for families. It first appears in “Toy Story” and is referenced throughout the series and even in other Pixar films. In “Toy Story,” Buzz and Woody end up at Pizza Planet after getting separated from Andy at a gas station. Buzz believes the Pizza Planet to be a space port rather than a restaurant, a place that can finally help him get back home. Instead, they find themselves trapped in a toy claw machine, where they meet the Squeeze Toy Aliens and are eventually captured by Sid Phillips, Andy’s mean-spirited next door neighbor. 

Recommended age group

“Toy Story” is a G-rated film, meaning it is suitable for children of any age. While there is some cartoon violence, unsettling toy designs and mild language, overall parents should not need to worry about their kids watching the film. Similarly, the toys based on the film will be suitable for people of any age. Many of them will be designed for young children, as older kids may find the features limiting and not as engaging. We recommend giving these toys to children ages 5 to 10 years old.

What to look for in a quality ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy


While it can be argued that some toys can simply be static, some of the most entertaining and engaging ones allow children to manipulate knobs, dials, buttons or pieces to create their own fun. Toys with a sense of interactivity turn the static item into a game, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in a fantasy of play. Look out for toys that feature moving pieces or interactive elements — they may be more enjoyable than a toy that sits still.

Fun factor

Fun is entirely subjective, but you know the type of person you will be buying the toy for. If they derive their enjoyment from collecting every piece of Pixar movie memorabilia, then simply having a rare toy could be fun for them. However, younger children will want to play with the toys, re-enact scenes, or simply pretend they are part of that film’s world. Consider the type of fun your recipient is looking for when purchasing a “Toy Story” toy.

Design detail

Pizza Planet is designed using a nostalgic 1990s space theme. From the spaceport-inspired exterior to the many machines inside, Pizza Planet oozes with a certain style. While other toy manufacturers may try to copy this style, only the officially-licensed merchandise does the film justice. Pay particular attention to the rocket ship designs, the Squeeze Toy Alien designs, and the placement of the Pizza Planet logo. 

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy

“Toy Story” Pizza Planet toys vary greatly in price. They can often start at around $20 for simple toys or sets of figurines, and can skyrocket up to $130 for more exclusive sets.

‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy FAQ

Do these toys come with small parts?

A. All three of the toys mentioned in this article feature small pieces. They all feature toy aliens that are only 1-2 inches tall. That means you must be careful having these sets around small infants or dogs that may be prone to accidentally ingesting the small toys.

Why is the Space Claw Machine so expensive?

A. The Space Claw Machine is not only a fully functioning claw machine, but it is also a Disney Theme Parks and Resorts exclusive. It also frequently goes out of stock. All of these factors combine to drive up the value.

What are the best ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toys to buy?

Top ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Minis Mania Playset

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Minis Mania Playset

What you need to know: Show off your “Toy Story” Minis collection with this Pizza Planet-themed rocket ship.

What you’ll love: Not only is it a mini figure storage solution, it’s also a slot machine that will randomly pluck out a mini figure in your collection.

What you should consider: The toy feels cheaply made, with the lever and door feeling like it may snap off with extended use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet toy for the money

Fisher-Price Imaginext Toy Story Playset Featuring Pizza Planet

Fisher-Price Imaginext Toy Story Playset Featuring Pizza Planet

What you need to know: Capture the excitement of Pizza Planet with this Fisher-Price set.

What you’ll love: Features several interactive elements such as a claw machine and includes mini Buzz and alien figures.

What you should consider: Some say younger kids quickly got bored. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Interactive Alien Figure

Disney Pixar Interactive Alien Figure

What you need to know: The alien’s antenna lights up and he says seven phrases.

What you’ll love: He is poseable and can interact with other aliens, which are sold separately.

What you should consider: For the above reason, some say you should purchase more than one.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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