Welcome to Your Local Weather Authority Severe Weather Map Room! On this page, you can find severe weather and fire alerts that will be updated every few minutes. You can also view the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) daily severe weather and fire outlooks, and the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) flood outlooks.

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Active Alerts:

Flash Flood Alerts

Wind Alerts

Fire Alerts

Know Your Alerts:

Tornado Alerts

Severe T-Storm Alerts

Flood Alerts

Hi-Resolution Models:

Baron 3km

The Baron 3km is our inhouse model that updates four times a day.
This will display a simulated forecast for the next 48 hours.

Local View

State View

Hi-Res Rapid Refresh

NCEP’s hi-resolution model that updates every hour and runs for the next 18-24 hours.
While not perfect it could be a better model to use during active severe weather.

Local View

State View

SPC Severe Weather Outlooks:

SPC Day 1

SPC Day 1 Tornado

SPC Day 1 Wind

SPC Day 1 Hail

SPC Day 2

SPC Day 3

SPC Day 4

SPC Day 5

SPC Day 6

SPC Day 7

WPC Flood Outlooks:

Day 1 Flood

Day 2 Flood

Day 3 Flood

SPC Fire Weather Outlooks:

Day 1 Fire

Day 2 Fire

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