On this episode Chris, Molly, and Adam talk about and debunk weather myths.

All three of the meteorologists talked about the dangers of using an overpass as a shelter, the myth that tornadoes don’t cross rivers (like the Illinois River) or hit major cities, and the dangers of underestimating floodwaters and the frequency of lightning. When talking about tornado path myths Chris mentioned that looking at tracks dating back from 1950 disproves a lot of the theories about the nature of twisters.

Your Local Weather Authority also discussed the importance of taking all forms of severe weather. while storms are often in the forefront of the publics mind, extreme heat and cold are some of the biggest killers caused by the weather.

Here are some links to some of the weather myths and a link to the tornado map Chris mentioned:

Tornado Tracks Map

Readers Digest Weather Myth Article

NWS Severe Weather Myths