On this episode Your Local Weather Authority talks about the slow start to the 2021 Severe Weather Season.

As of recording this episode, only one EF-1 tornado in Mason County had been recorded in our viewing area. In fact, most of the severe weather so far had been recorded in the southeast. Chris told us then U.S. monthly totals of recorded tornadoes so far in 2021 and how they compared to the average, along with how it staked up compared to last season. So far the United States was under performing in terms of how many tornadoes there should have been recorded. Most of the tornadoes have been in the Southeast so far this season.

Chris also talked about how weather patterns have been influenced by patterns from El Nino (La Nina), the North Atlantic Oscillation, and Arctic Oscillation. Chris also mentioned that the weather locally over the last few months hasn’t allowed for moisture to move northward to help generate strong storms we would see in spring.

Here are some links with some of the information Chris talked about.

Monthly Stats from the Storm Prediction Center

2017 study on ENSO impacts on Tornado Outbreaks

North Atlantic Oscillation Index