This episode (recorded on February 19th) Chris, Molly, and Adam talk about this cold winter we’ve had that really seemed to kick up in February.

Chris went over the stats from this Winter and even talked about records that Central Illinois flirted and were even broken thanks to the cold air and rounds of snowfall. Not getting a break from New Year’s day into even the end of February.

Chris talked about how that helped catch up with average in terms of snowfall for the winter and even compared it to the icy weather from February of 1899.

Image from Brian Brettschneider@Climatologist49

Here are some of the stats that Chris and the NWS Office in Lincoln, IL compiled for the cold February. (Up to date as of Feb 19th, 2021)

The three meteorologists also discussed how the winter weather has impacted the Southern U.S. in states like Texas and Louisiana. These states and their infrastructures have a hard time dealing with this type of weather, and the group talked about the impact that has had on residents that live down there.

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