This week’s episode meteorologists Chris, Molly, and Adam discuss how they make forecasts. Each one has a different method for their forecast. Deciding on what data to look through or ignore comes down to what each forecaster is looking for and expecting to see in the coming days. Chris also mentions about how his strategy for his forecast has evolved as he has grown as a forecaster. Molly also mentions how time is a constraint on what she can look at in the morning and what role that can play in her process. Adam takes note that looking back at the accuracy of past forecasts helps him map out if models are over or under performing. All three meteorologists agree that forecasting is more than just going with one model output, and is often a blend of model data, current observations, and observing trends.

A snapshot of the GFS model at 500mb showing jet streaks and winds in the upper atmosphere. Meteorologists use upper-air data to help make forecasts.

Here are some sites Your local Weather Authority uses to look at data for their forecasts.

Iowa State’s Meteogram Generator

College Of DuPage’s Meteorology Page

Penn State’s Meteorology’s Program Forecasters E-Wall

National Weather Service’s Homepage