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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A nutrition educational program provided by Curves teaches women what it means to live well and eat well.

“What does that look like?” asked Kim Martin, Owner of Curves. “Food is not the enemy, right? So when we want to lose weight, food becomes the enemy. It means, OK, I can’t eat that now and really you can have everything. You can have anything. It’s about how you’re monitoring it and learning what’s right.”

Becky Richards was diagnosed with cancer during COVID-19.

She said after multiple surgeries she couldn’t walk. So, she turned to Curves for guidance.

“It’s like I’m weak, I’m tired,” said Richards. “No interest in anything much. So I go to Kim and I go to Melissa, who’s the nutritionist there, and I just said, ‘help me, help.’ I’m having surgery at the end of March. I’ve got seven weeks to get as good as I can get. So they took me under their wing and off we went.”

Curves Nutrition & Weight Management Program is a healthy, balanced and sustainable weight loss program.