That Guy’s Secret; clothing, accessories for the modern man

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — It’s no secret that That Guy’s Secret maintains a robust inventory of clothing and accessories for the modern man.

That Guy’s Secret offers monthly subscriptions with clothing picked just for you.

From tuxedos to casual wear, golf attire, and accessories, the local shop was a dream for Jeremy Reed.

There is a favorite family anecdote about five-year-old Jeremey requesting dress clothes for Christmas, and subsequently wearing the dress clothes, ties and all, to kindergarten. In college, Jeremy majored in business and had a good time. A former college football player, he’s now an avid golfer. As an adult, Jeremy has all too often been frustrated with the lack of shopping options for men in his area, and at the same time desired someone could make shopping easier for him. Unable to find the solution to his desire Jeremy set out on a mission to fill the shopping void for himself and others, resulting in the birth of That Guy’s Secret. Noting this of his own life, he decided to add an online personal shopper subscription.

How It Works

Take a minute to review the options then pick the plan that works for you. You’re in control.

Answer just a few questions about the things you like, and we’ll customize your package every month.

Wait….Check your mail.

We will build a package to fit your needs, and ship your box to your house or office.

That Guy’s Secret Club packages ship on the Wednesday following your sign-up date. Future shipments will correspond to your original sign-up. i.e. If your sign-up date was the 15th of the month then your future packages will ship the first Wednesday after the 15th of all future months. 


That Guy’s Secret has two locations. One in LaSalle, Illinois, and the other in Peoria, Illinois.

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