B-N Golfers Thankful for Match Play Tournament


NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — For the last week some of the areas top golfers competed in tournament play in the Twin Cities. That’s something that many golfers didn’t think would be a possibility at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I view this as one of our three majors. We get this match play tournament, and then we get the two man and then medal play at the end,” Brian Zimmerman said. “So it’s one of the three majors we get in town and it’s exciting, it’s a lot of fun.”

Thanks to the hard work of Mike Henry and others, the Twin Cities major golf events will still take place this summer. The golfers say they are just thankful to have the opportunity to play for something meaningful.

“Well it’s good to finally compete and to have putts that actually mean something,” Parker Wisdom said. “I haven’t had to compete since March, actually a competitive round. So it’s finally good, the first tournament back.”

“It’s a lot more fun playing when it means something than when you are just out playing with your buddies, I think it is,” Michael Mounce said. “Because you are playing for something, you’re not out to shoot a score, but we were just fortunate to play.”

Brian Zimmerman took home the City title after a one-up victory in Sunday’s championship match. He says it was a blessing to have such a high quality tournament in a time where many golfers aren’t getting the chance to compete.

“Definetly a lot of stuff we take for granted in life, just from a day-to-day basis,” Zimmerman said. “So it’s just very grateful and happy to come out and play golf and just be in this tournament.”

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