Eureka Big Man Still Hopes To Fly

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EUREKA, Ill. — A couple hundred shots a day.

That’s Keegan Zimmerman’s routine and it’s been that way since he was a first-year player at Eureka High School four years ago.

“My first two years of high school I mainly played on the perimeter. I shot a lot of threes,” said Zimmerman. “Last two years, I played the post but still kept that part of my game on the perimeter.”

Zimmerman’s game has changed. He’s grown into long, lean forward which is where he play this fall at the University of Dubuque.

When he started high school, Zimmerman was 6-3. Now he’s 6-8.

Those five inches certainly helped his high school basketball career but it has complicated his other desire. He wants to fly planes.

“I’ve always been interested in basketball, the other thing I’ve always been interested in is aviation. They went hand in hand,” Zimmerman said. “I’ve flown a little already. It’s tight but I was comfortable. Not too bad.”

Zimmerman took some flying lessons a couple of years ago and is now enrolled in an aviation program in college. He’s hoping to soar to new heights on the court and then as a pilot.

“After four years (of training), you are expected to have 600 hours of total flight time. You need 950 to (fly) on an airline,” said Zimmerman.

He’ll worry about squeezing his tall frame into a cockpit and flight hours later. Now Keegan Zimmerman is putting in hours in the gym.

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