“Redbird Bingo” A Big Hit For ISU Tailgate Group

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NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — What is usually a Illinois State football tailgate group has taken a new form this spring. Tim Pantaleone and his fellow Redbird fanatics have created game of bingo where they help raise money for the ISU Weisbecker Athletic Scholarship Fund.

“These are some of the most generous and giving folks,” Redbird Bingo founder Tim Pantaleone said. “So what better way to combine having fun and raising funds for a good cause that we all love.”

Every Monday, Tim hosts a zoom call for Redbird Bingo… He calls out numbers of former ISU basketball or football players along with their jersey number. A fun way to look back at some of the ISU greats.

“Tim (Pantaleone) just calls them out, he’s got to have Google up or something,” bingo player Zach Morris said. “If he’s just going off of memory on these players numbers, it’s incredible. So, we get some calls back to World War II era players, some of the odd numbers. So it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s also a great way to connect with familiar faces. This tailgate group would have normally seen each other at this years spring football game. Redbird Bingo gives them a chance to stay connected.

“It’s nice to see the same faces, normally yes you can FaceTime them, but just to get together for something as simple as bingo, it’s so much fun,” bingo player Kayla Stavnes said.

“If this inspires some folks to do some good and find ways to connect with their family members and friends, we’re all for it,” Pantaleone added.

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