“Fore Amigas” Forge Lifelong Friendships


PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Four of the top girls golfers in the state call central Illinois home, and even though they live in different towns, have a special friendship. Eureka’s Allison Pacocha, Pontiac’s Dani Grace Schrock, IVC’s Elaine Grant and U-High’s Reagan Kennedy have called themselves the “Fore Amigas” for years.

“It started at IESA golf sectionals, we were at Metamora Fields and we were on the back patio and were like, we should go to dinner after state the following weekend,” Pacocha said. “So we just created a group chat and called it the ‘Fore Amigas’ and it’s just been that way ever since.”

Despite having long distance relationships, the girls stay close by playing as much golf together and with group chats on social media. Even when they compete with one-another, they use their friendship as motivation to improve on and off the golf course.

“On Instagram we mostly see like PGA golfers and be like, ‘Oh this would be fun to play,'” Kennedy said. “But we talk about a bunch of random stuff. I think it makes us better that we are all friends and we all push each other. And no matter what we always support each other.”

“It definetly helps playing the same tournaments because we see each other,” Schrock said. “Sometimes at holidays we will get together and have a little friendsgiving or just like have a little Christmas party where we exchange gifts. And we just kind of meet in the middle and go from there.”

Playing in different conferences and classes during the high school season doesn’t stop these four from making lifelong friendships.

“Just put a smile on each others faces,” Grant said. “And even after a round, we either go eat for dinner or we Snapchat, it’s just a ton of fun on the course and off the course.”

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