PEORIA, ILLINOIS (WMBD) – Peoria Christian boys soccer are off to a near perfect start to their season. To some, they’d seem as close as brothers.

With five sets of actual brothers on the team, along with head coach Cory Hynek’s son, most of them already are.

It’s just like brotherly love. Like even though some players don’t have siblings on the team, we just feel like one big family together.”

Jacob Walton, Peoria Christian Freshman

Senior Grayson Below is a middle child, so he knows what it’s like to be both the younger and older relative on a team.

“In the past two years, my [older] brother has always been hard on me,” said Grayson. “So I always make sure to be hard on [my younger brother].”

“Yeah, yeah that’s normally true,” agreed his freshman brother Colson. “Grayson, he wants what’s best for me and the team and he always pushes us. He’s a good captain.”

Sophomore goalkeeper Josh Walton gets the unenviable position of telling his older brother, who’s a defender, what to do during games. This leaves him with mixed feelings.

“Nervous, nervous, he said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do. But I feel like I can just be honest with him on the field. Tell him what to do. And usually, he listens.”

I assume most of the time he’s right because he can see everything on the field. So I try and hear what he says.

Jeremy Walton, Peoria Christian Senior

But for these players, the numbers of wins they’ve racked up are not their favorite moments. But rather the memories they made along the way.

“The conversations, like you make jokes about it and you just like all know each other a lot better,” said junior Kaleb Brickner.

Freshman Creed Schmidgall added: “I feel more comfortable on the team knowing that I have like an older brother to stick up for me and help me out.”

For the Waltons, Schmidgalls, Brickners, Belows, Knieps and Hyneks, this a season they won’t forget.