WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Kainon McQueary is having a remarkable season.

This week the senior running back was named to the class 6A all-state team. He’ll play his the final home football game of his career Saturday when the Panthers host East St. Louis in the state semifinals.

“I can’t thank the coaches, offensive line and blockers enough. Everyone who does it for me. It’s not just me,” said McQueary. “Wide receivers, offensive line, giving me the opportunity to do what I can.”

McQueary has had some dazzling runs this year but he says one of his favorites was a short touchdown run against Pekin. It looked like he was stopped at the line of scrimmage, kept his feet moving, bounced to the outside and scored.

It’s the play that has perhaps typified his philosophy all season long.

“It was one of those ‘keep-the-play-alive’ runs. If you’re not down, keep going,” McQueary said. “The mentality is don’t give up.”

His teammates have been impressed all season.

“We block our guy and Kainon is 70 yards up field,” said senior tight end Garrett Cox. “We look at each other and think, ‘how did he do that?’ With that guy back there we know we’ll get a lot done.”

Now McQueary hopes to run Washington right into next week’s state championship game.

“We wat to be that team. You don’t get many of these opportunities,” McQueary said. “We could be in the championship. We are just one of those teams with the opportunity to fulfill it.”