WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Returning kicks, catching passes, playing defense.

Brayson Barth does it all for Washington on Friday nights. Then he turns around and hangs out at his father’s games on Saturday afternoons.

“It’s very busy but it’s something I’ve always loved about our house,” said Brayson Barth. “We keep busy and it’s always football.”

Brayson’s father is Eureka College football coach Kurt Barth, who has juggled his fall schedule to make sure he gets to see his daughter Kami play volleyball and his son football at Washington High School.

Kurt gives a lot of credit to his wife Becca for making a schedule that maximizes the family’s ability to see games. Of course, the Barth boys talk football during the week too.

Coach Barth says he knows he walks a tight line when he talks with his son about his games.

“I know I have to catch myself with Brayson. I ask him questions, I want to go all in,” Kurt Barth said. “Sometimes I need to back off and let him forge his own path.”

Even though the Barth’s are a sports-loving family, their is a sports oddity in the family. This father has never coach his son.

But they say that could change.

“I’ve never had him as a coach,” Brayson Barth said as his team gets ready to play at Chatham Glenwood in a class A state quarterfinal Saturday. “I think I’d like to play for him at some point. We’ll see college-wise if it pans out.”

Might father recruit son to play at Eureka?

“I would love the opportunity to coach him,” Kurt Barth said. “At the same time, I want him to be happy where he is at and forget the path he wants to go. Hopefully that brings us together but if it doesn’t, we’ll still have a lot of memories from this time.”

The Barth’s hope their memories from this season include a trip to the state championship game.