ELMWOOD, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Coaches will tell you that high school football games are won or lost on the line.

That’s why Todd Hollis feels good about his 2023 Elmwood-Brimfield Trojans.

“We are pretty fast, that’s nice. Also we have depth on the offensive line with two three-year starters at tackle,” Hollis said.

He’s talking about senior Elijah Davis and junior Aaron Brown. The Trojans feel they can confidently run through the tackles this season with those veterans up front.

“When you can bookend your offensive line with three-year starters, that makes things easier as the coach,” said Hollis.

The Trojans were a playoff team a year ago when many of these same players. Junior Bo Windish is a standout linebacker anchoring the defense.

“We’ve worked on this line forever, the coaches have prepped us for this,” said senior lineman Cade Hessing. “We get cards and make sure we go over film a lot. We want to get out line solid to prep against any team we face.”

Elmwood-Brimfield felt like it had a productive summer getting ready for this season.

“Most of us have played together since we were nine,” said senior lineman Nate Schmitt. “So it’s really built on trust and friendship that we have for each other.”

The Trojans host 2022 playoff qualifier Knoxville in an opening night showdown on Aug. 25.