PONTIAC, Illinois (WMBD) – Pontiac High School will be looking for the win column in 2023 after going 0-9 last season.

First-year head coach Zach Gadbury is working to establish a new culture for a team that graduated 22 seniors.

Hoping to start a build toward their powerhouse days of the 90s and 2000s, the Indians say they’re ready to start a new era with Gadbury.

Me personally I’m just trying to keave this place a better place than when I came in here. And I htink if there’s going to be anyoner to do it it’s going to be Coach Gadbury. He’s just a really outgoing person, even outside of football season. He always came and supported me in other sports.

Santi Pina, Pontiac Quarterback

We’re looking to build a new identity for ourselves, a new culture. And you know we’ve been in and out of the weight room, some 7 on 7, we’ve seen some good things out of everyone. We’re really excited for the season.

Jacob Fogarty, Pontiac Defensive back

Our guys did a tremondous job of answering the call. You know we’re trying to build an culture, an identity here. Did an awesome job this summer in camp, in the weight room, doing the little things right. I’d say our toughness has really showed to me a little bit this summer

Zach Gadbury, 1st season as Pontiac Head Coach