BLOOMINGTON, Illinois (WMBD) – He had to wait longer into the night than he probably wanted to, but Ryan Cermak fulfilled a lifelong dream Sunday evening when he was drafted in the second round by the Tampa Bay Rays.

He was selected as the 71st overall pick in the 2022 Draft, the third-highest pick ever for the Illinois State program. Cermak had been a star in his 2+ years with the team, which helped his draft stock surge.

Cermak was a two-time MVC Defensive Player of the Year and was also known for his power hitting. He made sure to celebrate with those that meant most to him.

They’ve all had my back for the longest time. That’s why they were there. I didn’t want a big party with everyone I knew. I didn’t want to invite the whole town. Pretty much just a good group of guys that has always had my back and then same thing with all the family members that have had my back. So it was awesome sharing a moment like that with.

Ryan Cermak

In an interview with media on Monday, Cermak did say he has agreed to contract terms with the Rays and he will find out within a week where the organization plans to send him.