Chiefs Would Have Arrived In Peoria Friday

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PEORIA, Ill. — Dozer Park was supposed to be filled Friday with new players and the sound of the crack of bats.

Instead, the park was locked and empty. The 2020 Peoria Chiefs did not arrive as once scheduled.

The COVID-19 outbreak put a premature end to spring training last month and has pushed back the start of the baseball season. At this point, Peoria Chiefs employees have no idea when baseball could return to Dozer Park.

“They would’ve arrived here (Friday) and we would’ve been taking head shots (of players) and doing all the video stuff and getting to know some of these guys, and getting to see some of the returners,” Chiefs broadcaster Nathan Baliva said. “The first workout would’ve been either Saturday or Sunday. Obviously that stuff is not happening. It’s tough to do it, but it’s what we gotta do right now.”

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