Chillicothe Sisters Not Taking Golf For Granted

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CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — They were young when they started playing golf.

Elaine Grant began playing when she was five-years-old. Her sister Morgan picked up her first clubs when she was just three.

And if you hear laughing out on the golf course, there’s a good chance the sisters who attend IVC High School may be the culprits.

“We’re laughing like even holes apart even if we are at a tournament, at a match, anything like that. You see someone out on the course that you know and it just makes your day,” said Morgan Grant..

But don’t let that laughter fool you. Elaine, a senior, and Morgan, a sophomore, are on the course to compete.

Not only against their opponents, but also against each other.

“I think it helps with like confidence and everything. Just putting the pressure on each other helps us to do better and everything,” said Elaine Grant. “When she does, once in a while, beat me, she likes to rub it in. So it’s fun.”

This fall they’ll play their second season as high school teammates.

“Ever since we were little, we were always competing,” Morgan Grant said. “Like the ‘Little Guys and Gals (tournament), we were always like who beat who on this hole? Or hey, I got a birdie on this hole, did you get a birdie on this hole? So it’s just a lot of fun.”

They’ve played a lot of golf together this summer. The Grants know that time spent together as sisters is what’s really special.

“Even when I’m out of high school, I will always find time to come and play with her,” Elaine Grant said. “nd come to some matches and some of these tournaments that I’m not playing in, I’m always out there supporting her and watching her. Just to be her big sister, honestly.”

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