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Diederich Sectional In Washington This Week

Cousins Bring Success to Sectional Teams

WASHINGTON, Ill. -  It's an exciting week for the bat-and-ball loving Diederich family in central Illinois.

Noah Diederich is junior first baseman for the Richwoods baseball team. Kayana Diederich is
a junior that typically pitches for the Washington softball team.

Both wear No. 14. Both are part of teams that advanced to the Washington sectional.

The cousins couldn't be happier.

"It's non-stop talking about it at my house," said Kayana Diederich. "We have to watch this game. It's huge."

They've been waiting all season for this opportunity.

"We've talked about it all year," said Noah Diederich. "We both knew we'd be pretty good."

Kayana's dad and Noah's mom and siblings. It's not unusual to find one cousin cheering for the other at game.

And it's not unusual for the Diederichs to be competitive with one another.

"We tell each other our batting averages and all that," said Noah Diederich. "She talks about her stats. It's always back and forth for us. It's always fun."

Kayana agrees.

"It's a competition, we started it this year. Who has the most RBI's, who has the highest
batting average," said Kayana Diederich. "It's nice for both of us."

This is the first time the cousins will play in sectionals at the same time. The Washington softball team plays Pontiac Tuesday while Richwoods plays Morton in Wednesday's baseball sectional.

And while they are busy getting ready for sectional games, the cousins are looking forward to another little competitive challenge after the season. Kayana hopes to pitch a softball to Noah to see if he can hit her.

"We've talked about it. At the end of the season," said Kayana Diederich. "(Richwoods catcher) Zach Rocke-White will catch and I'm going to pitch to Noah. And we'll see."

Noah is unsure if he can hit against his cousin.

"Maybe I will put a bat on the ball," Noah Diederich admitted. "That's about it."


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