CHARLESTON, Illinois (WMBD) – Saturday had the chance to be a memorable one for Ali Ince and Normal Community girl’s track and field.

And Ali took full advantage, winning three gold medals. First in the 800, where she won the 3A state title for the second straight year, but had to recover in less than an hour for the 400.

I will do some jogging, definitely get some water, little bit of food. And then try and stay loose. Do some dynamics,” Ince said after her first win.

Before she knew it, she was back on the Eastern Illinois blue track where she had to fight to the very end for her second state championship.

Coming off that last turn you don’t know always know where you are…just really that last 100 I was just thinking like you gotta give everything you’ve got like keep your head down. Just get to the finish line as fast as you can.

Ali Ince

The 4×400 is her favorite race, and a big reason for that are her teammates, who all rely on each other.

“There’s always up and downs, “Abigail Ziemer said. “And I think there’s been a lot of really hard time and there’s been a lot of really fun times but I think the number one thing is the support system that we had this year. That’s what makes it really special I think.”

“You know I was nervous, but you know nervous is good. I run off my nervousness’s. It was a really good race,” added Queen-Patricia Lubala.

With the Lady Iron trailing into the final exchange, they all trusted in Ali to bring home the last gold medal of the day.

“When I gave it to Ali, you know that’s one thing about her she’s always going to do her best,” said Ziemer. “You know and so we just kind of count on each other and we know at the end of the day you know we’re all going to work hard for it.”

“My legs are tired but it felt amazing I love running here with this team and I love seeing Ali finish. It was such an amazing finish,” said Lily Cavanaugh.

But what meant most to Ali was celebrating with her teammates.

I think truly what makes it special is doing it with these girls. I mean we actually have only gotten the chance to run it twice with each other. Sectionals is one of them and then maybe intercity. But yeah haven’t run it too often with these group of girls

Ali Ince

After a long weekend, they were ready to relax and eat like champions.

Queen-Patricia Lubala said: “I’m feeling great. I mean my legs kinda hurt, but I’m so glad.”

“We’re deciding between pizza or cracker barrel. But you know Hopefully just some food. I think we’re all starving,” said Ince.