Dunlap Twins Thankful For Athletic Opportunities

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They say they have similar tastes in a lot of things and have for a long time.

But twins Ayah and Huda Aldadah are on different pages when it comes to sports.

“I’m not a runner, she definitely got all the running genes,” Huda Aldadah admitted.

Her sister conferred.

“With fencing, for me it was a lot of pressure,” Ayah Aldadah said. “Huda can handle it, I couldn’t do.”

Although they grew up sampling sports like soccer, basketball and tennis, one settled on running and  the other on fencing.

Both have earned college athletic scholarships. Huda will fence at Duke while Ayah will run track and cross country at Bradley.

the scholarships are dreams coming true for the Dunlap High School seniors who’s parents moved from to the U.S. from Palestine two decades ago.

“I am so appreciate of them. I think about it everyday,” said Ayah Aldadah. “It could have been so different fo us. I could be back in Palestine. So different.”

The twins have two older siblings but neither was gifted enough athletically to get scholarships. And they say their parents aren’t athletes either.

“I’m very blessed, so glad my parents moved here, giving me these opportunities,” said Huda Aldadah. “They didn’t have these things growing up.”

The twins have one month left of high school, then they’ll separate for the first time. Ayah and Huda will go to college and continue pursuing their academic and athletic dreams.

“We’re going to miss each other,” Huda Aldadah said. ‘We’ve always had each other.”

“I lean on her for support,” said Ayah Aldadah. “I’m going to call her. It’s going to be hard. I’ll be calling her a lot.”

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