DEE-MACK, Illinois (WMBD) – Dee-Mack High School has never been known for girls basketball. But thanks to star senior Addy Swadinsky and emerging freshman Dalia DeJesus, that’s starting to change.

“Me and [Dalia] kinda clicked from the beginning. You know we both have experience and with a big and a guard we just clicked really easily,” said Swadinsky.

DeJesus added, “I’ve known Addy since I was little. I think about 4th grade and so I’ve always looked up to her as a player and a person.”

The team has already set a school record for wins and stunned many by winning the HOIC tournament as a four-seed, taking down both 1-seed Fieldcrest and 2-seed Tremont.

Swadinsky has also become the Chiefs all-time leading scorer and DeJesus broke the school record for rebounds in a season with more than 450 as just a freshman.

Addy is a floor captain to a T. She distributes the ball, she moves the ball up. Dalia is also very high in her basketball IQ.

Joni Nightingale, Dee-Mack Head Coach

Second-year coach Joni Nightingale has literally seen Swadinsky’s senior class grow up before her eyes, starting as their fourth-grade teacher.

“We’ve been with her a long time and I think she’s an idol to all of us,” said Swadinsky. “We’ve all loved her since the beginning.”

“Her in the classroom and her on the court, she’s a little more pressured and like she gets on us a lot which is to be expected and is good,” said DeJesus.

They really are my kids, I know that sounds kind of cornball like this is my family but those girls are my girls. I love them like they were my own children.

Joni Nightingale

The team believes they have the talent to make a run in the 2A playoffs. And after their HOIC title, they’re starting to raise eyebrows.

“They were starting to get recognized, said Nightingale. “People were like starting to turn heads hey maybe there’s something going on in Deer Creek-Mackinaw.”