EAST PEORIA, Illinois (WMBD) – There may be no more mentally taxing sport than golf, but you wouldn’t be able to tell watching East Peoria’s Connor Watson. He’s won 8 tournaments and set three school records just this season.

“I’ve just been trying to focus as much as I can on the next shot each shot at a time and just hit the best one I can, Watson said.”

He’s breaking school records left and right like it’s his job. I mean it’s crazy he’s only a junior, made it to state last year, did really well. He doesn’t take credit for anything and deserves credit for everything.

Matt Plummer, East Peoria Head Golf Coach

Connor has been in the zone all year, and with postseason approaching later this week, he wants to build off past success

“Improve upon last year, take it one tournament at a time. I made it to state and got like 44th, tied for 44th, I was happy with that. Just happy to be there,” he said.

In the age of social media, Connor has an interesting personality trait. For a teenager, it might be rarer than a hole in one.

Plummer added, “He doesn’t have a smartphone. He has a flip phone. I mean the kid is not tied into technology. He’s tied into life.”

Connor is also seen as a quiet leader, not afraid to pass tips off to younger teammates.

Just try to have fun, do the best we can, think about one shot at a time and not the end result.

Connor Watson

Really is selfless when it comes to making his teammates better. I’m telling you the kid is an anomaly,” said Plummer.