ELMWOOD, Illinois (WMBD) – Friendly competition can bring out the best in student, especially when it’s helping donate to charity.

Elmwood High School held it’s annual white out this Friday, which helps raise money for St. Jude’s while also having students compete in games all week.

Zack Howerton, a senior basketball player, said: “You know we’re really grateful to raise money for these kids that don’t have the same opportunities as us. And it’s a really fun way to do it overall to raise money.”

“I am definitley very competitive so I wanted to win,” Brendan Williams, another senior, added. “Seniors made the championship in almost every single mode I guess or every game.

Games included dodgeball, tug of war, building human pyramids, and tic tac toe.

It appeared the seniors had won, but they were in for a surprise when the faculty joined in.

I knew they had some sort of trick up their sleeve. I didn’t expect to play them but we actually had competition unlike the other classes.

Brendan Williams, Elmwood Senior Basketball Player

Elmwood partnered with Lewistown for the White Out, with both schools raising thousands for St. Jude’s.

Senior Liv Meyers said, “I really like seeing the student section cheering and just we’re all being there in support and it’s for a good cause. It’s just really exciting.”

While Lewistown did win Friday, Elmwood players know the night still had a silver lining.

“It’s gets the competitive spirit and everything, everyone loves it. It’s all for a good cause,” Howerton said.