EUREKA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Friday nights are filled with wins and losses in high school football.

But Eureka’s Jake Morin always feels like a winner after his games when he connects with a young fan named Dean Davis.

“He always looks up to me. He’s always talking about me,” Morin said. “I feel like a big brother to him.”

Dean, 7, and his family relocated to Eureka from Tennessee last year. They started going to Eureka High School football games.

That’s when Dean met Jake.

“I heard he had some struggles,” said Morin.

Dean attends Davenport Elementary School in Eureka.

“Last year when we first got here, his talking wasn’t really great,” said Amanda Davis, Dean’s mom. “He’s in regular class for socials like music, art recess, lunch and breakfast but other than than he receives special education services. Jake helps him, he’s a role model to him.”

The senior quarterback meets up with his young friend after every game, home and away. Dean typically makes his way down to the field once the game is over.

But Morin doesn’t only see Dean after his games. He’s a peer mentor and sees him in school regularly.

And from time to time, Morin sneaks over and watches Dean practice and play JFL football. He’s trying to encourage the young fan in his football career.

“It makes his day. He yells, ‘Jake!’ He has a big smile and is always happy to see me,” said Morin. “There’s a lot of good that come from sports, some people don’t notice the scenes stuff. It’s all the good stuff.”

Eureka is 6-1 and having a great season. But it’s clear Jake Morin is also making it a great season off the field too.