Eureka Sisters Singing Nice Song On Golf Course

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They are wired a little differently.

Carolyn Pacocha is the senior who’s easy going and slow to speak. Allison Pacocha is the spunky freshman who isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind..

And, yes, they are competitive.

“We’re definitely comparing scores,” said Carolyn Pacocha. “Allison is very competitive. It’s a lot fun.”

The sisters are the top two players on the Eureka High School girls golf team.

“I’m always like, I beat you by one,” said Allison Pacocha. “You beat me by one? Darn it!”

After years of playing on different teams, they are enjoying their one and only high school season as teammates.

“It’s different,” said Allison Pacocha. “I think it’s brought us closer together, in my opinion. I don’t
know about her.”

As much as they like to compete with each other, the sisters really love to play with one another. When they’re in the same group, to calm each others nerves, they’ll sing with each other.

“She likes to sing songs,” Carolyn said of her younger sister.” She keeps a song in my head. I keep one in her head.”

So you could hear them humming music on the fairway.

“If we’re playing together, I will sing it out loud. Usually I sing it in my head,” said Allison. “If she’s
with me I’ll sing it.”

They are wired differently. But right now the Pacocha sisters and making beautiful music together in Eureka.

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