PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Eureka’s Allison Pacocha is just days away from doing something she first starting thinking about years ago.

“I think once I hit seventh grade, I started considering it,” Pacocha said. “But I wouldn’t have thought I’d be where I am today.”

Pacocha is getting ready for college. She signed with Bradley last fall and moves in next week.

That’s when she’ll join her teammates and prepare to play Division I golf. The former high school state champ has been playing longer golf courses to get ready for the move from prep to college golf.

“I like playing the longer distances in practice,” she said. “When you get to a tournament it’s shorter than you think.”

Pacocha will study chemistry and, thanks to dual-credit hours earned in high school, she feels really good here studies. She’ll enter Bradley with 44 credit hours before she steps on to campus for her first class.

The biggest thing she’s getting ready for is a roommate. The girl from the small town of Eureka is preparing to live with a freshman tennis player from Russia.

“I think it’s cool. She speaks really good English,” Pacocha said of incoming freshman tennis player Anna Belogliadova. “She’s ethno-centric, I wouldn’t have thought she’d be. I honestly think she knows more about our culture than I know about hers.

She’s down to her final few days of summer vacation so Pacocha is trying to make the most of her free time. College is calling and she’s not crazy about the next big thing on her schedule..

“I honestly have been dreading packing. I’ve been excited to go to Bradley for a year and a half but the thought of having to pack my room and clothes,” said Pacocha. “Not looking forward to it.”