EAST PEORIA, ILLINOIS (WMBD) – East Peoria baseball has rolled to a near perfect start to the season…thanks in part to junior Curt Sosnowski coming through in the batters box and on the mound.

I like to throw strikes, gets the game over quicker and when you don’t walk the batter, the first walk normally they score. So you want to strike him out or get that contact.

Curt Sosnowski, East Peoria Junior

Even with his success, Curt says his teammates are who make him look good. “Got a good Infield to back me up cause I’m a contact pitcher and a catcher that’s great at framing the ball. I’ll give it to him,” Sosnowski said.

Curt takes weighted honors classes and holds a 4.2 GPA, and is grateful for those that have pushed him to get there.

They’re on me about my homework all the time, my ocaches. My Pre-Calc teacher which is really helpful because if I’m behind in the class, he’ll allow me and work with me to get my problems done.

Curt Sosnowski, East Peoria Junior

In the little free time he has left, Curt has helped volunteer at his local church with help in the garden and local events.

But his love of baseball started at a young age thanks to his dad.

He was my t-ball coach. I learned everything from him. He helps me when I’m struggling with hitting, struggling with pitching. Gives me tips. He’s a very great help.

Curt Sosnowski, East Peoria Junior