LEWISTOWN, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Basketball in the driveway has been a Heffren family staple for years.

Now it’s providing a pandemic break for twins Carli and Anna Heffren.

“It helps take our mind off everything we’re missing out on right now,” said Carli Heffren. “It’s nice to have sisters so close in age, we can be friends too.”

Carli, Anna and younger sister Kate are competitive in everything. That drive helped take Lewistown High School to state the past two basketball seasons. That drive helped seniors Carli and Anna finish school with four years of straight A’s, they are ranked No. 1 in the class of 2020.

“My mom used to have this saying, we joked about it then but it became more serious,” Carli Heffren said. “She’s say, ‘No A, no play.'”

Their mother Marci never held that over her daughters’ heads, Anna says.

“But the competition between me and Carli, we always battled to see who could do better, led to (straight A’s) that, too.”

When report cards come out, they still compete.

“I’m winning in school,” Carli Heffren said. “She’s winning in sports.”

Anna was a first team all-state basketball player for the class 1A state runner-up. The twins are National Honor Society members and have been in Spanish Club for four years.

They serve in Lewistown’s Student Senate and are involved in playing school events. All three Heffrens girls played roles in student theater productions.

They may be known for basketball but Anna and Carli graduate with a plate full of other accolades and memories.

“Sports are a big part of our lives but it’s nice to be a part of the other things,” said Anna Heffren. “So your mind isn’t always on sports all the time.”

The twins are leaning towards attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale together. They say they won’t be college athletes but they’ll be roommates.

“I’m really satisfied with my high school career,” said Carli Heffren. “Not many people have been able to do the things we’ve done, participating in a bunch of other things. It’s pretty special.”