MACKINAW, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — His high school sports career isn’t ending exactly the way he wanted.

Lane Thomann had just broken the Deer Creek Mackinaw’s single-game scoring record with a 46-point outburst against Heyworth on January 7.

A week later, his season was over.

“I want to keep playing,” Thomann said after learning he broke a bone in his hand. “I just think about what I’ve done this season, I gave it my best. I’m happy with what I did.”

Thomann can actually be happy with what he’s done in his high school career. In addition to playing four sports, he’s been a part of Dee-Mack’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a member of National Honor Society as a straight-A student.

“I knew my goal was basketball but I knew if I wanted to do other stuff, all that would help me,” Thomann said.

Thomann ran cross country and played baseball, football and basketball in his four years with the Chiefs.

“In the moment, he’s probably left more of an impact then he’ll ever know on the people around him,” said Dee-Mack basketball coach Jarrett Brown. “He walks the halls and engages in some of the other clubs and organizations. That’s what we all want to do. Do twice what’s expected of us, we always talk about it. He’s doing that, he’s living that out.”

Now Thomann is the the best-dressed student-coach on the Dee-Mack bench, sporting a red blazer for Tuesday’s home game against Eureka.

He’s prepared for this role.

Ironically, he decided not to play football this year so he could be totally healthy and injury-free for the winter basketball season. So he asked football coach Cody Myers if he could play a role on the sidelines.

Thomann did, sharing game film with coaches on an iPad.

“I try not take anything for granted,” Thomann said. “I give it my all every time.”