DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — When Lily Sutter and her family began their lemonade stand fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, they had no idea what kind of an impact they would make.

Last year alone, the Sutter’s raised over ten thousand dollars to help kids fight cancer.

“It’s just whenever the runners run by, we hand them water, and everyone is able to come by and get some lemonade and some snacks, it’s really good,” said Sutter.

Last summer the Dunlap senior recruited her entire soccer team to get involved with the Sutter’s lemonade stand. The players did it to rally around teammate Tessa Sutton, who is currently battling cancer.

“Everyone wore their Team Tessa shirts, Tessa was there and I think we pretty much dedicated the whole entire lemonade stand for her,” Sutter said. “It just shows us that we can’t take anything for granted and makes us want to sell more lemonade.”

Sutter is also a part of Dunlap’s FCCLA club where she helped organize a prom fashion show. And she’s a member of Best Buddies, which fosters friendships with students and their peers with special needs.

That unselfishness makes her a great leader on and off the soccer field, according to her coach.

“She really looks out in the community and see’s how she can help other people and how she can help people that are a lot less fortunate,” said Dunlap soccer coach Peter Cenek. “That’s exactly how Lily does that and how she leads.”

“At first I was kind of timid working with these kids but now it’s like I am friends with them,” said Sutter. “I see them in the hallways, I say hi, give them a high five. It’s definitely special.”