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“We’re trying to develop kids into the best basketball players they can be,” Morton girls basketball coach Bob Becker said. “But we feel like we would be doing a disservice as coaches if we aren’t trying to develop the best people we can develop.”

So for the month of December, the Morton girls basketball team has been challenged off the court to partake in the Advent of Kindness. Each day promotes a new task to make others around each player happy.

“Just like simple things, but definitely makes their day or gives them something to smile about,” Morton senior Tenley Dowell said. “You don’t know what everybody is going through, some people could be struggling, but if you do something nice for them they could have a better day.”

Simple things like holding the door for someone, tell someone you love them, or even just remembering to smile. The Potters also visited a nursing home this month to spend time with elders. They say its the little things that go a long way.

“I think it means a lot, going out into the community and really seeing how we can give out to each other, how others give,” Morton junior Courtney Jones said. “I’ve noticed a few things, like some of my friends doing those little actions to me, and it always puts a smile on my face.”

And we must remember: this is a Morton team that has won three state titles in the last four years… so of course there is some competition in for the Advent of Kindness.

“We’re super competitive girls, so we’ve almost turned it into a competition,” Morton junior Olivia Remmert said. “Like who did this today? Did everyone get it done today? since we are so competitive, its become a thing of who can please the most people that day.”

Whether its on the court or off, the Morton Potters are aiming to improve each and every day.

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