PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — For a guy that doesn’t get into a lot of basketball games, Korry Sevier is a very popular student at Notre Dame.

The student section chants his name at the end of lopsided games hoping that he gets some paying time.

It started last year.

“In those gams we’d be up 20 or 25 points,” said Sevier. “And the front row, the seniors last year, just started chanting ‘We want Korry.’ How did I get to be that guy?”

But Sevier isn’t just popular during basketball games.

“Everybody knows Korry and everybody loves Korry for all the right reasons,” said PND boys basketball coach Tom Lacher. “He’s a positive role model in school. He’s a a great influence in out school and on our young classes. A fantastic young man.”

Sevier p[lays golf, baseball and basketball at Notre Dame. During basketball season, he’s often a player on the scout team at practice, preparing the Irish for their upcoming opponents.

He’s also a student ambassador who shares his high school experiences with grade school and junior high students who are considering enrolling at Notre Dame. He’s also a key student leader for Notre Dame’s St. Jude’s Club.

“It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that what we are doing in our school is helping save kids lives,” said Sevier of the club that raises money to help fight childhood cancers through the St. Jude children’s Hospital.

Whether he’s in games or on the bench, Korry Sevier is making a positive impact at Notre Dame.

“I don’t see the point in having a down, sad attitude. I’ve always bene upbeat,” Sevier said. “I just try to make others around me happy. And try to be happy myself.”