DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Dunlap’s Teagan Sullivan finds herself in an interesting spot this year.

She’s forced to lead as the only senior on her volleyball team with a new coach.

“It’s interesting because I’m not a huge leader,” said Sullivan. “I’m trying to get that into my brain that I’m the oldest here and I have to lead.”

Sullivan is a four-year varsity player with the Eagles.

“She’s one of a kind, we love having her here,” said Dunlap head coach Michelle Forbes. “She’s a great role model. It’s a great opportunity for me in my first year as head coach. I love having her and to see how she affects my other players as well.”

So far, so good for Dunlap which has won 9 of its first 13 matches this season.

While leading on the volleyball court as the only senior on the roster might still be a work in progress, Sullivan has become a natural when it comes to leading in the classroom and in the school.

She’s taking college-level classes while in high school and will have 18 college credits when she graduates from Dunlap in May. And before the season started, she led her teammates in a volunteer role at the iCan Bike Camp, hosted by Easterseals.

“We helped children with disabilities learn how to ride bikes,” Sullivan said. “We first walked with them, then moved outside with them.”

Sullivan is also spearheading multiple school-wide fundraisers this year for the Tessa Sutton Foundation, named after her longtime friend and former classmate whose public battle with cancer ended in March.

“We’re going to do raffle baskets, food, and all the donations will go to the Tessa Sutton Foundation,” said Sullivan, who is planning the fundraisers around sporting events like volleyball matches, football games, and basketball games.

She helped set the tone by donating ten inches of her hair to cancer patients going through treatments. Sullivan is embracing this leadership role.

“At the beginning of my high school career, I wasn’t involved in anything but last year I got a lot more involved,” said Sullivan. “It makes high school more enjoyable for me.”