Farmington Seniors Not Letting Epilepsy Control Their Football Careers

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FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD.WYZZ) — Corbin Rutledge wasn’t with his football team when the season started.

“It was hard being away and watching my first game as a senior from the sideline,” Rutledge said.

While his teammates were going through August practices Rutledge was a patient at Cleveland Clinic. He was undergoing tests to help him in his battle against epilepsy.

The Farmington senior was diagnosed with epilepsy in April 2020 and he thought he had it under control.

“I started having seizures again, when we thought we had it figured out,” Rutledge said.

After spending 11 days at the clinic and having specialists monitor his brain activity, he was sent home with a plan for medicine to allow him to play sports.

“That’s why we are back on the field,” said Corbin’s mother Michelle. “They said live life as you did before. Yes, we take precautions.”

Rutledge is getting some special encouragement from a teammate. Amazingly, Farmington has two players on its roster with epilepsy.

Kevin Schultz was diagnosed with epilepsy just a couple months before Rutledge last year.

“We have different kinds of epilepsy,” Schultz said, noting the differences in the kind of seizures they’ve had. “But we have similarities and we give each other advice to help one another. I’ll always be there for him. I can notice little things that others wouldn’t notice when a seizure is about to happen.”

Undefeated Farmington football is on a journey through the playoffs. The Farmers host Tremont is the second round of the playoffs Saturday.

But Corbin Rutledge is on a journey to live life with epilepsy and play sports with his friends.

“I could tell some of them definitely missed me,” “Rutledge said of his teammates. “I missed them.”

Neither Rutledge nor Schultz have had an epileptic seizure while playing sports.

“Some people may have thought that when Corbin was diagnosed with epilepsy, that was the end of his story, the end of his sports career,” Michelle Rutledge said. “But we look at it like i’s not the end of your story, it’s the beginning of his story.”

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