Football Coaches Await IHSA Practice Ruiling

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Perhaps the most important time of the high school football season is the summer, where teams are able to set the ground work for conditioning and playbooks before the rigors of the fall season come to fruition.

“Summers, I think everybody uses it differently. It’s important for us as far as getting in shape,” Dunlap football coach Brett Cazalet said. “It’ll set us back, but everybody will be set back, so I don’t see it as a big deal. As long as everybody is on the same playing field, that’s all that you ever ask.”

Coaches in the area remain optimistic of having a full football season this fall. The idea of small pracitce groups this summer would allow programs to still be on track for a full workload come August.

“If we can bring them in, in groups of ten, we can at least start to bring some of the things of normalcy back for them,” Eureka football coach Jason Bachman said. “And I think it will be a good way to start back into the summer coniditioning stuff.”

“Thanakful the fact that there’s a chance that they’re probably going to get out and give us a chance to start working with the kids,” Richwoods football coach Roland Brown said. “Even if it’s small groups, it’s still something. Obviously we still gotta wait. It gives these kids a chance, it gives them some hope that hey, maybe things will get back to normal and we’re going to be able to have a football season coming up this fall.”

While there is a real urgency for football to get back out on the practice field, most programs are just excited about the possibility of getting back together and seeing each other again.

“Whenever we get the go ahead, it will be great to see all the guys and be close and laugh,” Cazalet said. “And just see how they are doing, those kinds of things, instead of via a computer.”

“I think everybody is going to be flexible and roll with whatever the IHSA tells us at this point, and just looking forward to being able to get with our kids again,” Bachman added.

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