Former Softball Star Now Has FBI Goals

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PEORIA, Ill. WMBD/WYZZ) — It’s the summer Allison Pillman has been waiting for.

The summer she starts her career. All her life she’s wanted to investigate crime scenes and Pillman’s ultimate goal is to work for the FBI.

“It’s crazy,” Pillman said of her lifelong dreams. “I knew people that changed their major three times but I never had that problem.”

Pillman’s first love was softball. She played on teams that played for high school state championships and teams that played in junior college national tournaments.

A standout player at Brimfield High School, she earned a scholarship to play at Illinois Central College.

After two years of junior college softball, Pillman became a full-time student at Illinois State. She graduated from ISU with a degree in criminal justice last month.

Now comes the hard part. She’s dreamed of working in crime labs but you don’t start your career there.

First she has to be hired on to a police force. She’s trying to find a job during a pandemic, in an emotional summer of shrinking police budgets and public outcry for change in law enforcement practices.

“I just want the ability to help somebody, no matter their race, no matter what their ethnicity,” Pillman said. “That shouldn’t matter. For someone to judge another off (their skin) is a bit ridiculous to me because everyone has their own struggles. I just want to be the person that helps them have a good day.”

Her father knows she’s going into the work force at a volatile time in the country’s history.

“There’s uncertainty out there from a safety perspective,” said Rich Pillman. “She’s ready to go help, add value and be a part of society.”

She always considered herself a leader on her softball teams. Now she’s a young woman who wants to lead a change with how people view the role of law enforcement.

“You need police officers to protect you and serve you. I want to be that good egg,” Pillman said. “I want people to be able to count on me.”

Just like her softball career.

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