Giebelhausen Excels In Piling Up Points, Calories

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East Peoria’s Kylie Giebelhausen is an all-Missouri Valley Conference player, known for being a prolific scorer.

And a prolific eater.

“My mom brings a bag of snacks with her to every game,” said Giebelhausen. “We’ll get our postgame meals, I’ll eat it and I’m still hungry. Three hours later, we’re driving and I’m still hungry.”

Giebelhausen just surpassed the 1,000 point plateau in her Southern Illinois University career. That’s a big number.

But not as big as her calorie intake.

“If we’re having film, she has a plate of food in front of her. We get done with practice, she has a plate of food in front of her,” said SIU head coach Cindy Stein. “And she carries a little lunch box because she makes meals at home to take with her.”

Giebelhausen says she doesn’t really keep track of her points. And she never keeps track of her calories.

“At rest, doing absolutely nothing, I burn 2,000 calories a day,” Giebelhausen said after learning the results of a body fat test she and her teammates took this summer. “You add basketball
on top of that, I have to feed my body four-to-five thousand calories a day.”

She says she’s gained fewer than 15 pounds since she finished her high school career four years ago. She’ll graduate from SIU in the spring and then is headed to grad school at Bradley to study physical therapy.

Giebelhausen says it’s easier to score points on a basketball floor than to make meals in the kitchen. So she’ll live at home and be reunited with her mom’s cooking.

“She says we can do this every night now,” Giebelhausen said of herr mother. “If it saves me from cooking a meal, I’m down with that. Saves me from buying groceries, I’m down. Free food? Heck yes!”    

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