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PEKIN, Ill. — Technology updates in golf typically involve golf balls and clubs.

But some of the latest cutting edge stuff is for golf carts.

“They just showed up a couple days ago and it’s been excitement ever since,” said Pekin Country Club professional Paul Betteridge.

He’s talking about the shipment of FinnCycles that arrived. FinnCycles are two-wheeled, battery-operated golf carts that look like a motor bike.

A player’s golf bag is mounted on the center bar between the rider’s legs. The cycles debuted at the PGA show this winter and Pekin Country Club is the first golf course in central Illinois to use them.

“As soon as I got on one and I was able to stay upright, I realized it would be a blast,” said club member Sarah Breymeier. “Anybody can ride one of these.”

The cycles handles a lot like a bike. Your thumb controls the forward switch, your hands control the brakes. They move about 3-4 miles an hour faster than a typical golf cart, Betteridge said.

The idea is to get you to your ball faster and shorten that four-hour round of golf. In fact, Sun Mountain Sports says the goal with FinnCycles is to play 18 holes in two hours or less.

“This will help pace of play, that is a signature talking point. Yes, they are trying to pick up pace of play to get rounds done a little quicker,” Betteridge said.

The gold cycles have GPS. And there’s a cup holder along with room for a small cooler.

It looks a little bit like something out of a James Bond movie.

“It just makes you smile,” Breymeier said. “I can’t wait to invite my friends to the course and have them try this out. It’s nothing like we’ve had before.”

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