Hairy Situtaion: ISU Defense Has Lots of Locks

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Dalton Keene is an All-American candidate with all-world hair.

An ISU tradition he’s glad to keep alive.

“When I was a sophomore, we had Mark Spellman, Pat Meehan, Brent Spack, myself, Teddy Corwin,” Keane said. “Five guys with long hair.”

Spellman, Meehan, Spack and Corwin are gone. Keane, a defensive lineman and cornerback Devontae Harris are now the leaders of the long hair club.

“We’ve got hair guys. It started way back when,” said coach Brock Spack.” (Former Purdue)  Coach (Joe) Tiller said once to me, what does that have to do with winning and losing a football game?”

For the past couple of years the Redbirds have featured players with long hair but not quite like Keene. He came to campus with a buzz cut and hasn’t cut it in three-and-a-half years.

“When I go into the working world, I’ll get it cut,” said Keene. “I’m not sure what I’ll go to but we’ll figure it out later. I’m not complaining. There’s some good days and bad days. It’s easy for people to pick me out.”

Some Redbird players will cut their hair and donate it to charities like “locks of love” at the end of the year. But sometimes their hair gets shorter before the end of the season because it gets yanked during games.

“There’s a time when you see something on the field,” said Harris. “I’ll say, is that mine or yours? It’s yours this time.”

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