Hayley Reneau Approaching Final Chapter

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Hayley Reneau fell in love with basketball at a young age.

And like many young girls, she was always trying to keep up with a sports-playing older brother.

“Having an older brother that played sports, I always grew up wanting to play against him and try and beat him,” Reanau said.

She tried to beat him in everything.

“When they were in grade school, all his friends were around,” Hayley’s father Gary said. “I had a hoop in the driveway, they’re out there playing and she’d be right in the middle all the time. Most of the boys kind of enjoyed it. A couple of them got a little mad because sometimes she showed them up!”

Now Hayley is showing up Eureka College’s opponents. Averaging 24 points per game, she’s one of
the top scorers in the country in Division III women’s basketball.

Her Red Devils are in first place in the conference and she’s trying to enjoy every minute of her final season playing organized sports.

“I’ve got to play my heart out. This is my last year being an athlete,” Reneau said. “It’s kinda said to see I only have ten games left.”

Ten games left for a gal who has never know anything but playing sports. All her life the Washington native played softball, volleyball and basketball.

But while the exercise science major says her playing days may be coming to a close, her coaching days may be on the horizon.

“I love working with kids,” Reneau said. “I love seeing them get better, I’ll coach any sport. I love being around kids. I love making them better and becoming a better person.”

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