Hicks Sisters Had Hoped 2020 Would Finally Be Their Season Together

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MAPLETON, Ill. (WMBD) — A year after finishing with the class 1A softball runner-up, this was supposed to be the spring Hanna Hicks took Illini Bluffs back to state.

The all-state player wanted to make it even more special with a championship. It was also supposed to be the season there would be three Hicks girls in the Tigers lineup.

“It’s something special to get to play with two of my sisters at the same time,” Hanna Hocks said. “Not being able to do that hurts. It’s the last chance I have to do that.

Hanna, a senior, is the All-State shortstop. Her sister Emma, a junior, was hoping to play third base next to her.

And freshman Lilly was hoping to play behind them in the outfield. Their age differences have always prevented them from being softball teammates.

“I’ve played with Emma in middle school but I’ve never played with both of them. I thought it would be cool and fun,” Lilly Hicks said. “Not many people can say they played with both of their sisters. Maybe one but not both.”

The Illinois High School Association’s board of governors meets Tuesday to determine the fate of the spring sports season. It’s widely anticipated the IHSA will cancel spring sports due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Softball is our sport. So we were anticipating this season a little extra (hard) because we always play it and practice it,” Emma Hicks said. “It meant a little more to be playing this sport together.”

There are six girls in the Hicks family, the other three are in grade school.

For now, the oldest girls hit together in a backyard batting cage put together by their father. And throw together, sometimes at a nearby park.

The only thing left is the chance to play high school softball together.

“We try to make each other better and push each other to work hard every day,” Hanna Hicks said. “If we didn’t have softball, I don’t know what we’d spend out time doing.”

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