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ICC Cougars Hoping to Shoot Down Cancer

Extra Effort: ICC Womens Basketball

EAST PEORIA, Ill. - Karrie Redeker has a great perspective.

"The fun thing about 18 and 19-year-old kids is they don't want to talk about cancer," the head coach of the women's basketball team at Illinois Central College said. "They want to live for today and that's been really good for me."

Redeker was diagnosed with breast cancer right before she took her team to junior college nationals in March. She had chemotherapy treatments from April through August and had surgery in September.

"This fall when I was at one of my treatments, I was thinking how can I pay it forward? To continue tu have our kids be a part of this," Redeker said. "They can make baskets but they don't have money."

Her Cougars have been practicing their three-point shooting because their taking pledges. For every three-point shot they make or offensive charge they take, the Cougars will donate money to Illinois Cancer Care.

Redeker's treatments are at the Illinois Cancer Care facility in Peoria.

"We can help other people in need while doing something we love as well," said ICC freshman Summer Stower. "It will benefit people in the long run."

heading ointo this week's games, ICC had raised $913.00 by hitting 47 three-pointers and taking two charges.

"We keep track every game," ICC sophomore Emma Henderson said. "Having that incentive to give back makes it more fun when you do it in the same."

They may not talk about cancer but the nationally-ranked Cougars appear hungry to fight it.

"We really don't talk about it," Redeker said. "But they know one out of every eight ladies will get diagnosed with breast cancer. It could be one of them someday."


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