NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — While most people were binge watching shows on Netflix or catching up on old movies while stuck at home last year, Antonio Reeves had something else on his TV.

It was game video his coach hoped would make him more aggressive on offense.

“For quarantine, I was in the house all day so I would work out and watch games,” the Illinois State sophomore said. “I wanted to focus on what I need to do for (this) year.”

ISU coach Dan Muller wants Reeves to be a little more selfish. On the curt.

“We need Antonio to be aggressive on offense, period. That’s the theme for ‘Tone. because he’s not naturally an aggressive, selfish player,” Mulelr said. “So you have to constantly tell him to be aggressive. And we have.”

Perhaps the message is sinking in. Reeves took over the game and scored a career high 21 points Sunday at Evansville.

He gives some credit for his success to a former high school coach, Mike Bibby. Reeves played his first two years of high school hoops at Chicago’s Kenwood High School and his senior year at Simeon Academy in the Windy City.

But he played his junior year for the former NBA star at Shadow Mountain High in Phoenix.

“Mike Bibby played in the (NBA) league for 14 years,” Reeves said. “His experience and what he knows is like no other. He taught me a bunch of stuff I didn’t really know.”

Reeves was a bench player last year but he’s a starter this season. He wants to be on the floor at key moments at the end of the game but says it’s a privilege being on the floor at the start.

“The starting five has to get teams off to a good start,” Reeves said with a smile. “I’m happy to be in the starting five.”