NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Antonio Reeves is one of the top scorers in the nation.

But even after an offseason of hard workouts, he says he really didn’t see this power surge coming.

“Last year and the year before, I wasn’t as good as I am now. It was like whoa!” Reeves said.

Whoa is right.. Reeves’ scoring average has been around 21 points per game most of the season in leading the Illinois State offense.

He may be surprised at what’s happening but his coach isn’t.

“As we got into October, I knew he was a problem (for opponents),” said ISU coach Dan Muller. “Twenty-one points is hard to do but I knew he was going to have big games.”

He’s had plenty of them, including Sunday’s game at home against Bradley.

I put in the work but I didn’t know it was going to show,” Reeves admitted. “I stayed focus as much as I can. Eventually it’s going to show.”

Reeves put his name in for the NBA draft last summer, then withdrew it. But he continued with an NBA mindset by working out with trainers and players three times a day in Miami.

He grew an inch since last season and added a little muscle too.

“I believe that’s how it evolved. I saw a couple NBA guys in the gym, studied how they played,” said Reeves. “The trainers helped me out as well. I got up 1,000 reps a day.”

The long summer of training is paying dividends as Reeves heats up nets in a cold Midwest winter. He says he worked hard in southern Florida so that he could be a difference-maker for the Redbirds this season.

“Miami was fun, I did a couple things like a kid,” Reeves said with a smile. “But this is home since I came to college.”